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Fearless (words and music by Kyra) I was kind of stuck and you helped me out to gravitate through the density this great wide distance outside of myself sometimes I don’t know where to be oh baby we could see this as a tragedy instead we free our minds *I see this soul in you I see this soul in me Fearless we are fearless regardless of circumstance we’re beautiful amongst the rough where do we go from here shame rears it’s ugly head we hide and isolate it won’t go away at least that’s what they say you took a hold of me you believed in me saw the side lit up * Where do we go from here *
Monarch Butterfly (words and music by Tully) It was just you and me swimming in the sea you said you loved me liked to watch star trek on tv that was all right with me days went by like butterflies we spun around and opened our eyes did you see that monarch butterfly? *Now I am sitting here all alone and I don’t have a phone to call you don’t you know haw much I love you sitting in North Van boiling water the woman upstairs with the sad eyed daughter yells down to me can we borrow some camomile tea and I could ask her to use her phone and call you up and tell you just how much I really miss you
Ghost Walker (words and music by Kyra) I know where I belong right here you in my arms Lake house loons singing songs I know where I belong *Feeling strong for the land and the wildness that lives on It there are deer at the doorstep coyotes howl as we sleep bears in the garden wandering off now do the wolves know we are all alone out here in this house ghost walker in the woods We are surrounded by red and blue and green and brown not everything is how it seems in this big wide world just keeps spinning round I hang on tight you by my side weathering each storm together
No One Really Knows Lyrics (words and music by Kyra) When I lay down my head, close my eyes get some sleep in my minds eye place serenity Fills my heart with love and when I feel fear I remember the stars above they seem so near Pen onto paper every morning each day I’ve come to the conclusion we all live and die in the same way no one really knows and who’s to say that one is worth more than the other When I open my eyes they see your face a heart filled with love a life lived with grace capture this moment a capsule in time surrounded by trees green dream sublime Are we not one another are we not sisters and brothers
Lyrics Take it Where it Goes (words and music by Tully) We’ll take it where it goes no matter how it will unfold you be the rock I’ll be the roll we’ll take it where it goes London bridge fountain in Rome melting Michelangelo if its hell I don’t want to know gonna take it where it goes Some days the sun will shine down to our feet to the ground and we’ll both see things more clear more sincere won’t we dear We’ll take it where it goes right into the unknown even through 10 feet of snow we’ll take it where it goes It’s a stone we’re going to throw build a bridge we’re gonna toll it’s a garden we’re gonna grow gonna take it where it goes Some days the sun will shine down to our faces by the ground and we’ll both be full of good cheer more sincere won’t we dear gonna take it where it goes right into the unknown I’ll be the rock you be the roll it’s a boat we’re goanna row like Gord on a train to Toronto gonna take it where it goes heaven knows we’re gonna take it where it goes I’ll be the rock you be the roll take it where it goes
Love of Light (words and music by Kyra) Frogs jumping in meadows of golden buttercups Slow stream running near by a waterfall down the trickling path past the birch wood and the leafy trees oh the splendid breeze I’m listening to the birds sing Watching for the flowers to grow and bloom And the angels to dance in a circle of joy we are surrounded by light and we strong, strong because we belong there is a cabin on the hill we go there still after all of these years and you are mine the moon it shines Still when the sun rises in the morning Love of light it shines light of love it shines
Camping Song (words and music by Tully) Come on love we’ve got to get away let’s get ourselves together we’re going camping today pack up the car with the cooler and the gear don’t need to spend another weekend hanging here come on love we ‘ve got to to get away let’s get our socks together were going camping today you grab the tent I’ll get that old hound let’s get going before the sun goes down come on love we’ve got to get away we’ll be hanging on the beach catching some rays out in the water catching the waves come on love we have to get away
Flowers Wild (words and music by Kyra) rows outlined crusted snow brown earth deep below golden fields aglow casting shadows for miles it goes all directions as far as my eye can see tree horizon house you and me *I want to run, run wide open spaces beautiful places time spent with you fields woods and meadows rocks trees and petals flowers wild spirit of a child wearing down the soles of our boots wearing down the soles of our shoes amongst flowers wild boy walks with his dog along iced paths waterlogged careful steps slip and slide stick in hand on he glides trail he follows to the cabin carved sculptures he steps in watching skies above, geese fly home our hearts are filled with love heads on soft pillows gusting wind cloud billows blue pink streaked sky with sun we rise I heard the coyotes call through my cracked open window moonlight now another birdsong sung symphony of singers *
CANADA 04:04
Canada (words and music by Tully) Snowstorm in Manitoba sliding on the highway at night I said slow down Dan take it out of cruise control and everything will be all right driving across the prairies we’ve all had this dream before left rocking in Ontario knew we would be back sometime for more Alberta weathers good there in the fall stopping outside of Chilliwack there’s a friend I wanted to call Victoria I’ll dance with you again from Vancouver to Nova Scotia grandfathers funeral to attend Canada. CANADA
Ponder Reality (words and music by Kyra) You are not involved in my intimate affairs you know nothing of my cares I stay awake like a vampire you make me wait *and so I question myself, myself, myself ponder reality and what’s temporary thoughts powers that be A little faith may take you where you need to go become something sometime
Freight Train (words and music by Tristan Adams and Tully) Freight train rolling down the tracks Freight train painted black freight train never coming back and a train ain’t got no mercy keeps rolling down the tracks


Kyra and Tully TIME is a full length album featuring 11 fully produced original songs that span more than two decades of the couple's story, from before the two met, to songs written more recently.

The songs are filled with heartfelt lyrics and voices with layers of harmonies woven in orchestral instrumentation. The lyrics explore everything from the joys and challenges of parenting, to the delights of nature, love and an acknowledged shared humanity.

TIME was recorded at Leopard Frog Studio, in Battersea, Ontario by co-producer, engineer and musician Chris Coleman (Nightsun, Nuvu Music), who also did some of the mixing at his studio in Iqaluit, Nunavut. From May to November, 2019, Kyra and Tully and their stellar musical friends continued to add to the album, working on it slowly in between stays in a cabin nestled in the woods (100-acre bio dynamic farm); trips to a remote beach, and travels in and around Europe.

A transformative musical journey, TIME is inspired by the changing weather of the seasons and in our own selves, exploring inner and outer landscapes. It is at once self-reflective and observing of the wider world. With this album, both Kyra and Tully seek to share the gift of their music and its presents all through TIME.

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TIME is now available to order ( MERCH page) on VINYL Record (includes songbook and download card); CD (includes songbook) and Song Book (includes download Card). The SongBook includes lyrics and chords for piano and guitar, featuring 14 ORIGINAL paintings by wildlife artist Lisa Fergsonson! www.studioferguson,com


released November 5, 2020

All original songs written by Kyra and Tully
Produced by Kyra and Tully and Chris Coleman
Recorded, engineered, mixed by Chris Coleman www.nuvumusic.ca
Mastered by Martin Davis Kinack


all rights reserved



Kyra and Tully Kingston, Ontario

(artist photograph by: Suzy Lamont)
Album artwork by Lisa Ferguson www.studioferguson.com

Acclaimed Canadian folk-pop duo have released their new album and fifth studio release called 'TIME'. Available on digital platforms world wide and hardcopy via www.kyraandtully.com

RELEASE DATE: November 05, 2020!
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